In a nutshell, Lydia is a Godsend!  My mom would be unable to live alone at home without her help.
— Sheri P.

Happy Clients

Chandler Checklist is an awesome service, perfect for those who have more to do than time allows!

Lydia, the owner, has worked for me for the past two years.  She is a woman of Integrity, Promptness, Excellence and Efficiency.  All she does is with a spirit of helpfulness  and an understanding about my  need.  She has served as my office assistant for academic needs such as preparation of documents, letters, and data entry, as well as assistance with home maintenance issues, errands, ordering supplies and watching my home while away.  I am extremely  grateful for both her excellent work and her spirit, which have both enhanced my life and work.

— Linda S client since 2015

It is my pleasure to recommend Lydia.

We have known Lydia for several years.  As a friend, she is most loyal and understanding, non-judgmental, always available to lend a helping hand help in our time of need, a great encourager, a joy, and a fun-lover.

As a business person, Lydia has been our first choice in regard to meeting our computer needs.  Lydia is punctual, knowledgeable, and astute.  She is very professional and exemplifies great expertise in her field.

We are especially grateful for her willingness to explain and communicate in "layman language" with no condescension, but rather, making sure we understand.  Lydia is an exceptional person and we are happy and proud to know her as a friend and as a professional in the business field.

— Jim and vangie H. clients since 2013


In a nutshell, Lydia is a Godsend!  My mom would be unable to live alone at home without her help.   Lydia helps with/or does writing bills, balancing the checkbook, taking messages from the answering machine, helped her with the process of purchasing a cellphone and resets it when needed, makes appointments, set her up with a new cable service, helps keep a calendar, gives wake-up calls, and has helped with laundry. 

She is completely trustworthy, keeps her word, and stays in touch with me as needed, since I live out of town.  I highly recommend Lydia at Chandler Checklist!  Do NOT hesitate to have her help you or your family!

— Sheri p. client since 2015

Chandler Checklist:  Outstanding Service

Lydia Chandler has worked for me for the past 10 years.  I can’t say enough about her competence, trustworthiness, and reliability.  The Chandler Checklist motto is “Check it off yours & we’ll add it to ours!”  I have taken too many items to mention “off my list” and put them onto Lydia’s.  She pays bills, works on tax preparation, takes care of my pets and birds in the yard, sorts the mail, runs errands, gets estimates and sets up home repairs, orders supplies, proofs letters of recommendation and academic articles, and helps with anything that comes up.  If you are leading a busy life and need an honest responsible and skilled person to take care of the things you don’t have time to do, Lydia is the best personal assistant imaginable!

— Mitzi L. client since 2007

Before Lydia became my friend, she was my employee for many years.  

If you're in need of someone to take some things off your plate, she's your girl.  Rest assured,  once you hand things  over to her, you can trust she'll take care of it all.  I know that  first hand.  

Having Lydia on my team helped things run much more efficiently.  She's the first one I think of  calling when I need an extra hand.

— Brenda R. client in 2005

Lydia is a very efficient, thorough, conscientious, caring person.  I recently remodeled my home with her as my General Contractor.  Besides being involved with the design, Lydia handled the building permits required by the city.  Researched and priced contractors, plumbers, electricians, appliances, doors, fixtures, flooring, cabinets and basically everything required.  She also handled any unforeseen issues.  I couldn't be happier with the results.

- Joyce C. client in 2015

Lydia (Chandler Checklist) has been performing a myriad of tasks for me since 2012.  She is always cheerful, honest and incredibly focused on whatever tasks need to be done.

More recent tasks checked off are tracking investments monthly, gathering tax documents for CPA, researching new Medicare Part D plan and putting it in place, filing and paying bills, canceling subscription for and removing unneeded software from laptop and researching range repair.

Earlier tasks checked off were reporting unwanted phone solicitors, setting up storage and organizing walk in closet, hanging art, installing vertical shades, researching home owner’s and auto insurance and obtaining quotes and moving furniture.

Before that some monumental tasks checked off were selling a house, settling an estate, arranging an estate sale, and becoming a general contractor on a remodel.

The tasks listed above are only a few of the many that have been checked off my list.

-Markaye b. client since 2012